Koji Saida is a founding partner of Saida + Sullivan Design Partners, and has over 25 years of designing and facilitating construction in Japan and the Bay Area. Growing up in rural Japan, Koji was surrounded by sublime nature, the art of materiality, craft of making, exquisite attention to detail, and personal diligence inherent in the culture influencing his later design sensibilities.

Mr. Saida’ award winning designs emphasize the user’s needs with the synthesis of building systems, the environment and the craft of construction. His keen aesthetic, technical and administrative expertise elevates each project, creating structures that embody both beauty and feasibility. He has worked on large civic,  mixed-use housing and transit projects, as well as commercial, retail and custom residential projects; buildings that perform a vital role in leading the way to an environmentally and socially sustainable future.

As a lead designer and project manager, he has a reputation for providing clients with honest advice, not only the good news, but all the facts, enabling clients to make educated decisions. It is this honesty and design sense that has led many of the projects he has been involved in to be realized beyond the clients' original vision.

Mr. Saida is responsible for architectural design, materials exploration, consultant coordination, project development, documentation, quality control and construction observation.
Mimi Sullivan has provided architectural services in the Bay Area for over 25 years. Early influences from a developer-grandfather and carpenter-dad meant she spent hours sketching places both imagined and real, and then discovering how they were built in real time. Traveling globally from an early age has proved pivotal to her discovering how the urban and rural systems work in different countries and cultures engaging her commitment to community and sustainable design.

Ms. Sullivan’s 25 years of diverse experience includes extensive work in multi-family/ mixed use housing, as well as commercial, retail, civic building and custom residential projects. She has taught architectural design at universities in the states and in Japan. She was the founding director of the Graduate Architecture Program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and achieved NAAB accreditation for the program in 2007. Prior to starting SSDP with her partner, Koji Saida, Ms. Sullivan was living and teaching Japanese architectural history at Waseda University in Tokyo.

Ms. Sullivan oversees community outreach, feasibility studies, design team coordination, interior design, project management, sustainability and construction observation.