Whatever your focus — new commercial or residential development, rehabilitation, adaptive re-use, renovations, sustainability, interior design — SSDP strives for a diversity of solutions in the services we provide. Every project solution is specific to its unique set of conditions and challenges. Our services include:

Site Evaluation, Planning and Programming
Place matters. A recognition and application of the interdependence of context, people, structure, and process informs our approach to the detailed articulation of a vision and responds to the ambitions of a greater community. 

Needs Assessment
Identify the problem. By clearly identifying the problem, we can create interventions, solutions, and priorities. A good needs assessment will help direct finite resources towards developing and implementing a feasible approach to address the client’s needs and wants.

Sustainable Design
Responsibility now and in the future. Being respectful and responsible for the future of the environment is paramount.  As a goal for every project, sustainability is integrated in our approach to design. We continue to inquire, learn and apply the most appropriate sustainable practices for each project.

Conceptual Design and Feasibility
Shaping the big idea. Great projects begin with a clear vision. Ideas take shape when departing the norm and exploring detours and deviations. Where you arrive often isn’t where you thought you were going. We can help you develop that vision and test the feasibility of preliminary building layouts on a site enabling you to make informed decisions to move forward.

Public Design Process
Building community. We work with clients using an options-based approach and engagement to develop a vision informed by stakeholders, budget and technical information. Creating crystal-clear communication that helps people connect how an architectural design makes their lives better is our goal.

Entitlements and utilizing SB 35
Patience in the process. Land use and zoning entitlements are a time consuming process in many jurisdictions, especially if the designs are subject to review of a public body such as a design review board. We approach all entitlement processes with research into the particular municipal codes applied to the site, strong organizational skills, and clear communication with the jurisdiction to ensure expectations are aligned. We have utilized SB35 and other state density bonus programs available to our projects.

Creating a unified vision. Projects take form through the use of drawings, physical and digital models and other media. From fueling real estate deals, to showing you what your new kitchen will look like, we use physical models and modeling software to test massing and build projects digitally before they are built in reality creating a single vision for all the stake holders to share in and discuss. The digital model enables you to virtually experience your project before it is built and it streamlines the process from design to construction so that the project you see is the project that is built.

Materials and Systems Research
Curiosity keeps us fresh. New materials, building systems, construction methods, and structural systems appear every day.  We consistently are researching new products, learning from the material representatives and asking lots of questions. We are working to inspire responsible innovation and integrated design. We will always be developing new knowledge to apply to your project.

Documentation and Constructability
An interactive process. Our value as your architect goes far beyond that of building designer. With 25 years of experience, our clear understanding of building systems and material details as well as collaboration with technical consultants and contractors allows us to not only develop a strong project concept but see it through all phases of the project, from conception to construction documentation to building completion and occupancy. 

Code Review and Permitting
Codes do not have to be a limitation. We develop design concepts by understanding code intent, drawing on lessons learned, and navigating the permitting processes with expertise, perseverance, good humor and creativity. We have worked with large and small community’s regulatory agencies with success.

Construction Observation
Communication at the core. Once in construction a project demands that the entire team is committed to clear communication, flexibility and partnering. We are committed “all hands on deck” and team approach to problem solving during construction. We keep our eye on the whole while also ensuring the craft and details are adhered to so the design documented is the design realized.